Biop offers the complete range of monitoring services from site feasibility and selection to study close out visits.

We learned that site selection and feasibility activities as well as monitoring activities are key in the process of delivering credible and accurate data.

We believe that a personal approach and a collaborative relationship with the sites are the building blocks for a successful clinical study. There is a high need for dedicated “site managers” striving for the perfect balance between the study requirements and the medical care needed by the study participants.

Each project is unique and requires special attention.

Site management

Biop has a team of passionate clinical site monitors offering high level site management according to the Biop way of working:

Build site relationships based on flexibility and transparency

Invest in site education and investigator collaboration

Own the clinical study and act as representative of the sponsor

Provide customized support, oversight and documentation

Biop management and site management teams walk hand-in-hand:
Happy team – Happy site – Happy customer

the companies we served: