De Voecht

Joke De Voecht is solutions-oriented. Her analytical mindset and constant pursuit of excellence have proven to be effective in the management of clinical studies.

Joke De Voecht, managing director, brings to Biop over 20 years of drug development and clinical operations experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO and consultancy business. 

Passionate about research and led by her interest in pharmaceutical sciences she has been involved in all aspects of Clinical Operations with a variety of investigational new drugs in the different phases of Clinical Research set-up by pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organisations.

Next to overall project management, her domains of expertise within Clinical Operations are risk management, process management and quality management. She knows how to identify, evaluate, monitor, control, prevent, mitigate, communicate and review, any factor that threatens the quality of the trial. This lead to her pro-active way of working with focus on quality and accepting that the reality sometimes deviates from the plan. Root cause analyses and identification of appropriate actions are crucial at all stages of clinical development.

Driven by the desire to support sponsors in delivering reliable data and from her persuasion that the industry should focus on the patients, the source of the study data, she will ensure the Biop team is constantly striving to find the balance between the study requirements and the medical care needed by the study participants.

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